The 8 types of handyman service you will need


Though many handymen would label themselves general handymen, everyone has a specialty. To hire the right person and make the right call, you need to know more about what these services are. In this article, we will go through the 8 most important types of handyman services that everyone must be aware of.

1. Fixture replacement specialist

With so many fixtures around us, it is natural that some of them would break over time. That’s where a fixture replacement specialist comes into play. They are specialized handymen whose expertise is in replacing faulty, broken, and defective fixtures. Be it kitchen cabinets, faucets, electrical fixtures, or household things – fixture replacement specialists will get the job done for you. For things like lights or other electrical appliances, it is always advisable to let a professional do it instead of going DIY.

2. Painters

Not all painters work on canvases, some show their craft on walls as well. Interior and exterior painters are among the most in-demand handyman skills. Painting is a tricky area for most people, and not everyone wants to get into it on their own. For that reason, handymen who specialize in paints are always high in demand. Fortunately, it is also easy to find a painter handymen for both interior and exterior paint.

3. Smart appliances installer

Over the last few years, smart home appliances have become very common. However, not everyone is capable of installing these devices, at least for the first time when a lot of work is needed. A handyman specializing in smart home appliances helps in the setup of all smart household devices – lights, plugs, HVAC systems, locks, and so on. They are familiar with the technology that goes into these devices and is also capable of troubleshooting common problems. If you do not consider yourself particularly tech-savvy, you can get help from a smart appliance installer handyman for any smart electronic device.

4. Powerwasher handyman

Cleaning requires a lot of manual effort, and not everyone can do it by themselves. On top of that, the average person is not familiar with advanced power washing techniques and procedures. If you are someone who does not want to take up this challenge, a handyman specializing in power washing will come in handy. Be it exterior or interior, power washing can dramatically alter the look of your living space. Apart from that, it is also a necessity from a hygiene perspective. If you are keen on getting a squeaky clean house, get in touch with a power washer handyman.

5. Drywall installation

Installing drywall is tricky for most people. Barring a few exceptions, everyone needs a handyman for drywall installation. Drywall is generally used after a home remodeling or water damage renovation. It is a very specialized task that requires professional expertise. Get in touch with a handyman if you have any issues with drywall installation to minimize the risk of damage.

6. Miscellaneous appliance repairman

We use thousands of appliances in the course of our daily lives. Any of those can break down at any moment. While we can ignore the malfunctioning of a few appliances, others are non-negotiable. For instance, many people cannot function if their food processor or microwave oven breaks down. That’s where a miscellaneous appliance handyman gets the job done for you.

7. Floor and wall tile installation

When renovating a home or a room, installing floor and wall tiles is often the most tricky aspect. The process requires time, patience, and expertise. It is advisable to have a specialized handyman over who can do these tasks. By doing so, the result will also be much better than what it would be with DIY techniques. Incorrect floor or wall tile installation can cost you a lot of money later. It is better to let a professional take care of these things.

8. Window repair handyman

Windows are particularly prone to damage. A window repair handyman takes care of all window-related issues in your house. While it may not seem like a specialized service, window repairing is indeed difficult. Having a professional handyman makes the task much simpler.


A handyman often does not get the credit he deserves. From not having insurance for handyman to not being underpaid, many issues afflict this profession. Nevertheless, they remain a very important part of society. Most of us would not be able to imagine our lives without the help and services of a handyman.

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