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On March, 2006, USA Biking announced the group that will represent America in the 2006 Union Cycliste Internationale Track Cycling World Championships. This event is going to be held from April 13 through April 16 and is going to be hosted in Bordeaux, France.

The group will be highlighted in 14 start positions for the 2006 Earth Championships, that was established by shows from the 2005-2006 year Earth Pot events. This year’s group members were picked, however, from the last USA Cycling track talent comprised of cyclists who qualified at the 2005 Elite Track National Championships, achieved an occasion normal at Los Angeles qualifying activities and/or by a collection of the coaches.

The 2006 United Claims group characteristics, and others, five people from the 2005 Earth Championship staff, a UCI World Pot rankings runner-up and the Container National time test champion.

Three time silver honor success Debbie Hammer can participate that year’s group following having a short hiatus last season. Becky Quinn, who has gained two magic medals in World Pot competition, is likewise a person in the 2006 U.S. team and shows strong performances through the year. Jennie Reed, who will be a part of the Women’s Race section, has also been granted two silver medals and is going to be an elaborate the main experienced opponents in that year’s World Championships.

The men’s team will feature eight cyclists which is creating their debut at the Track Cycling World Championships. These men, nevertheless, are no strangers to cycling with bronze medalist Jordan Blatchford and Brad Huff, who had been lately respected as the Tour de Normandie period winner.

The 2006 USA News United States Track Biking Earth Championship team includes a Men’s Run department, which will function Stephen Alfred, Dan Barczewski, Michael Blatchford, Giddeon Massie and Chrisitna Stahl. The Men’s Strength team can feature Jordan Friedman, Bobby Lea, Brad Huff, Chad Hartley, Danny Site, Michael Creed and Taylor Tolleson. The women’s division will feature the Women’s Dash, that will contain Jennie Reed. The Women’s Stamina group is likely to be comprised of Dorothy Sort, Becky Quinn and Kristin Armstrong.

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