Wedding Stationery Glossary


The day you receive your carefully chosen invitations and enclosures from the printer will be a memorable one stunning wedding invitations. Holding the invitation in your hands brings you one step closer to your magical event. But one look at the stacks of cards and envelopes will remind you there’s an important job to be done!

Assembling your invitations can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t need to be. Every component of your invitation ensemble has a purpose and a place. The following Wedding Stationery glossary will help you keep all of the parts of your wedding invitation straight and make assembly a breeze

Invitation: Informs guests of the date, time, and location of your ceremony, while also offering a first glimpse of the style of celebration you have planned. Invitations are typically mailed six weeks before the wedding date.

Inner Envelope: Holds the invitation and all necessary enclosures. It is addressed with the guest’s title and surname only and does not have glue on the flap.

Helpful TipBefore you begin the addressing process, make sure to distinguish between the inner and outer envelopes and stack them separately to avoid mixing them up.

Reception Card: Used if your ceremony and reception will be held at different locations. This card includes the location of the reception and other information such as “Dinner,” “Cocktails,” and the like.

Response Card or R.S.V.P. Card: Provides a convenient way for your guests to respond to your invitation. Also, it serves as a handy way to keep a tally of who’s coming and who’s not.

Response Card Envelope: Usually pre-printed on the front with the host’s name and address to make it easy for guests to send their replies. As a polite gesture and to ensure timely replies, remember to apply a postage stamp.

Outer Envelope: The mailing envelope includes the guest’s full name and complete mailing address. It has glue on the flap for sealing.

Outer Envelope Flap: Can be printed with the host’s return address.

Directions Card: Provides helpful driving directions for guests, with all major roads and landmarks noted. These cards should be designed in the same style as your other enclosures.

Directions Card: Provides helpful driving directions for guests, with all major roads and landmarks noted. These cards should be designed in the same style as your other enclosures.

Accommodations Card: Mailed with your wedding invitations, these cards notify guests of hotel arrangements that have been secured for the wedding weekend.

Pew Card: Included with the invitations. These cards show specific pew numbers for guests who will be specially seated, and should be presented to the ushers as soon as the guests arrive at the ceremony.

At Home Card: A small enclosure printed with your new address and when you will begin to reside there. These cards may be included in either the wedding invitations or the announcements.

Table Assignment Card: Directs each guest to a specific table at the reception dinner. The cards are displayed at the entrance to the reception.

Place Card: Assigns each guest to a specific seat at the reception dinner. The cards are placed at the dining tables before the guests arrive.

Save-the-Date Card: Sent at least three months in advance to advise guests to mark their calendars for your wedding day, especially if you plan a holiday celebration or a destination wedding.

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